2 thoughts on “The Payroll Union, Faith and Fear in Philadelphia and a New Take on Popular Music in the Academy

  1. Andrew Heath says:

    Thanks for such a thoughtful write-up. The question of how much to foreground the historical content has provoked some debate, but for the launch of the project, we didn’t want to turn a gig into a lecture. At Sensoria a few weeks ago, the band were able to play with the lyrics transposed onto a big screen via a beautifully type-set book, but the technology wasn’t available at the Harley to do the same. What we are hoping to do though is combine the historical background and the music on the website, which will, we hope, be up and running in the next week or so. We’ll let you know when we’re fully operational!

  2. Thanks Andrew, I only just saw this reply. I think that would be really interesting and certainly bring the historical content to the forefront. I think I forgot to mention that the gig did include images from Sam Skillington which were from a previous project and that did help create the sense of history attached to the music. I think its an interesting question about how you introduce the project as its true that no one wants a gig to suddenly become a history lecture! Looking forward to seeing more of the live performances and ways in which the project manages that academic/pop culture overlap! Good luck with it all!

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